Until the end of 2014 I live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at Salon Serpent. to snag one of the last few appointments before I leave email Guen@SalonSerpent.com

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For all of 2015 and maybe 2016 I will be tattooing on-the-road doing guest spots and conventions. I will be based out of Brighton, UK doing extended guest spots at Magnum Opus when I am not travelling, and returning to Amsterdam often to work on Dutch clients at Salon Serpent.

To get tattooed (or to be on the waiting list for certain cities/countries) send an email with your CITY in the subject line to: LittlestHobo@GuenDouglas.com with the following info:

Please send me the WHERE, WHAT and SIZE:

*reference photos (inspiration)

*description of the tattoo

*photos of the body part to be tattooed

(preferably with a ruler or measuring tape so that I can determine the size of the space. If taken with photobooth PLEASE mention so that I know which arm/leg/foot etc I am to be tattooing and so that your design isn't drawn backwards).

Please don’t forget to write your CITY in the subject line of the email so that I know where you are and can add you to the appropriate list. :)

(Pretty please DO NOT send multiple emails (that includes messaging me on facebook/instagram/tumblr))

(PLEASE NOTE: If you change your design idea after confirmation I can't guarantee your appointment since i take booking on a piece by piece basis.)

WALK-IN SATURDAY (amsterdam):

I participate in Walk-in Saturday's when I am not at a convention or guest spot, for information on Walk-in Saturdays please visit the parlour's website: HERE

Prices are per piece.


for Conventions and Guest Spots I book the month before.


pricing varies 

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