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The Studio has been CLOSED due to the Corona outbreak since March 12th.

I look forward to being able to get back to work soon!

To all those whose appointments have been cancelled I will be emailing to reschedule as soon as I know when I can safely reopen.

Until then I’m offering digital commissions A5 for 75€

Email me if interested


Thank you so much for your continued support and patience.



Here are a few basics for GETTING TATTOOED in BERLIN at TAIKO gallery
To get tattooed (or to be on the waiting list) send an email to: with the following info:
Please send me the WHERE, WHAT and SIZE:
*reference photos (inspiration)
*description of the tattoo
*photos of the body part to be tattooed
(preferably with a ruler or measuring tape so that I can determine the size of the space. If taken with photobooth PLEASE mention so that I know which arm/leg/foot etc I am to be tattooing and so that your design isn't drawn backwards).
Please don’t forget to write your CITY in the subject line of the email so that I know where you are and can add you to the appropriate list. :)
(Pretty please DO NOT send multiple emails (that includes messaging me on facebook/instagram/tumblr))

(PLEASE NOTE: If you change your design idea after confirmation I can't guarantee your appointment since i take booking on a piece by piece basis.)

for Conventions and Guest Spots I do not book first come first served, I book on a piece by piece basis email me
I don't always book that far in advance and pricing varies 
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