photo credit: FOTOFLOOR


Raised in a creative household by artistic and intelligent parents, it seems that the apple does not fall far from the tree; in fact, creativity and smarts are just two of the many blossoming branches on the “Guen Douglas Tree of Life.” While her first artistic outlet was ballet dancing, the “ink bug” hit her once she started collecting tattoos on her own skin. Determined to immerse herself in the tattoo lifestyle, she soon took the plunge and found an apprenticeship. From there on out, the industry has been graced with a dazzling talent.Though there are many elements to Guen’s work and style, one that stands out is her unique touches of whimsy. She is able to make each design a little story of its own, adding playful touches and fanciful qualities as she goes. Her ability to tackle so many types of creative conceptions makes it easy to see why she is such a successful artist and so quickly emerging as an ink slingin’ star.Though Douglas grew up in both Canada and the United Kingdom, (she moved to Rotterdam, Holland in 2009 and lived there until early 2012 working both in Rotterdam and in Amsterdam with Angelique Houtkamp at Salon Serpent, after a 9 month stint in Brighton, UK, to work full time alongside Phil Kyle and the talented crew at Magnum Opus she was back in Amsterdam at Salon Serpent.) Now in Berlin full time at TAIKO GALLERY


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